The Lego MindStorms invention kit comes with a dvd-rom (containing the development software) and a programmable brick together with a infrared tower. A personal computer can “speak” with the brick using the infrared tower and, thus, program it.

There are basically two ways this infrastructure can be used. The first way is to make a program and download the code to the brick, then executing the code on the brick. The second way to program the brick is to use the infrared tower as an online link to the brick, sending commands to the brick whenever necessary and receiving events from the brick if and when they occur.The latter is being used in the JavaStorms API.

The JavaStorms API provides an interface to the available components from the MindStorms and competitors use this interface in their Java programs to communicate with the brick.

For more detailed information on the JavaStorms API, please download the API or the supplied documentation, both to be found on the download page of this website.

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