About Us

During the awakening of the twenty-first century, the JavaStorms Challenge was born. Propelled by the opportunity to play around with Lego’s MindStorms, several developers from Chess iT delivered a Java API to control this new toy. This API enables developers worldwide access to the Lego MindStorms technology using Java, instead of the proprietary language delivered with the product. The API was called JavaStorms, because of it being a merge between Java and MindStorms technology.

Our purpose is not only to enable control of the Lego brick using Java, but also to promote the use of Java. This we do, by showing people that Java can be used for any kind of application. The Lego MindStorms is a perfect example of that, but Chess, being an Authorized Java Center (ATEC), provides plenty more samples in the projects it does and did as part of our business.
Just showing that the Lego brick can be controlled using Java is not enough, to actively promote the use of Java we organise a competition, the so-called JavaStorms Challenge.

The first competition was organised by Chess iT and the CMA. Competitors were found from universities and schools from the Netherlands. Being the first competition like this organised by us, it was kept low profile. In the end, this didn’t turn out to be necessary because it was a great success! This succes is the motivation behind the expansion of the the JavaStorms Challenge to not only a students competition, but also a business competition.

This is a list of the websites related to the javastorms initiative:


Chess iT The initiators and driving force behind the JavaStorms Challenge.
CMA Joined Chess to co-organise the first JavaStorms Challenge for students held in june 2000.
Sun Since the introduction of Java, it has taken the world by storm (pun intended). There has not ever been a language that has been accepted so fast by the developer community worldwide. The language originated from Sun, so visit them for the latest info.
Lego Lego, the toys that cost many of us endless hours of fun during our childhood. Making up plastic worlds of make-believe is not exclusively limited to kids, the Lego MindStorms invention kit proves that Lego is for anyone and any age.